2D to 3D conversions

4Dii and our product designers can help companies and/or individuals bring their idea to an exact, high quality 3D model. You will be able to see your part(s) from virtually any and every angle. With this technology an animation of your part(s) can be made to properly display its functionality.

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2d Drawing

Sketch/Photo to 2D line drawings

We are able to provide professional part, assembly and patent drawings of any perspective, angle, cut-away and exploded view necessary to convey the purpose(s) of your concept.

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3D model design • 3D rendering

From your idea we create a high quality 3D model of virtually anything you can think of.  With this model we are able to make changes at any point in the design process. Once the 3D models have been approved, we have the option of making a 3D photo realistic rendering of the idea.

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Clamp Stress Analysis

Stress and strength calculations

It can be very difficult to know how a design may operate in a real world situations.  We can take your idea and simulate the environment stresses that it may encounter. From there a image of where the real time stresses occur in the design are created and used to make your idea more robust.

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SLA part

Prototyping and Manaufacturing

Making your idea into a 3D computer model is only the beginning. Using the 3D model a real physical part can be created very inexpensively. This real part can be shipped directly to you and you could be holding your creation in your hands! This part is a real functional part.

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Other services and options depending on your needs

We are an idea to manufacture team here at 4Dii, because of this we offer far more options and services than can be listed. Please feel free to contact us and we can speak with you about our services.

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