Mechanical / Industrial Design

Do you have a hand sketch or graphic of an idea?  4DI can help companies and/or individuals bring that 2D sketch to an exact, high quality 3D model. You will be able to see your part(s) from any and every angle or perspective. With this technology an animation of your part(s) (or assembly of parts) can be made to properly display its functionality.

Rapid Prototyping

Making your idea into a three-dimensional computer model is only the beginning. Using the 3-D model a physical part can be created layer by layer using one of several RP (rapid prototyping) techniques. With this physical part you will be able to hold and explore your part(s) and/or assembly. Depending on the technique used and the nature of the part, this physical part can be used as a functional part. Meaning your part can be directly inserted into its natural working environment and run “as is” for a temporary test run. This allows for a time and cost effective way to develop your idea into a working part/assembly.

Manufacturing / Patent Drawings

In addition to 2D to 3D CAD conversion, and prototyping, 4DI can assist in the patent process of your part. We are able to provide professional patent drawings of any perspective, angle, cut-away, and explode view necessary to convey the purpose(s) of your concept. If needed we are able to connect you with a patent attorney that can legally make the part or concept, yours and only yours

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